Where To Find Ragsy In Fortnite: Vending Machine, Sideways Rocks, And More

Ragsy brings 150,000 XP to the island this week.


Ragsy is the newest NPC to arrive in Fortnite, and she brings with her five new quests for all players to tackle (and thanks to Party Quests, infinitely re-tackle). Your first time through her questline will earn you a massive 150,000 XP, but first, you have to find her. Here's where to find Ragsy in Fortnite and how to complete all Ragsy quests.

Where To Find Ragsy In Fortnite And Ragsy Quests

Ragsy is the spookier version of Cuddle Team Leader, and you'll find her camped out at Risky Reels. While this location isn't named on the map, you'll likely know it as the drive-in theater just north of the map's center, The Aftermath. Head into Risky Reels and chat with Ragsy to begin her Shield Techniques questline.

Fortnite Ragsy NPC location
Fortnite Ragsy NPC location
  • Purchase a shield item from a vending machine (1) - 30,000 XP
  • Consume both a small shield potion and a shield fish (2) - 30,000 XP
  • Harvest stone from Sideways rocks (50) - 30,000 XP
  • Use a shield item while in The Sideways (1) - 30,000 XP
  • Take damage from an enemy player and survive (1) - 30,000 XP

To begin, from Ragsy's location, you can find a vending machine selling health items east of Corny Crops at the gas station just over the river. Buy a few small shields from there, then head to the river to fish. With any luck you'll soon snag a shield fish. Consume both items to finish the second quest.

Next you'll want to head to The Sideways and harvest stone. You'll only need 50 total stone, which equates to a few hits of any Sideways rocks. It should be quick. If you bought extra small shields, you can take some damage from the Cube Monsters that will spawn, then apply another small shield when you're below 50 total shield HP--or, if you happen to have one, use a big shield potion no matter your shield HP.

The final challenge in Ragsy's questline says to take damage from an enemy player and survive. To do this, well, simply don't die when you get hit! After a few seconds, the game will credit you with having survived the encounter, even if you go on to be eliminated shortly after.

Once you've done all five challenges, you'll be 150,000 XP richer in your Season 8 battle pass. Don't miss the new Dire quests too. Then it's time to catch today's big story: an incoming Fortnite and Among Us crossover.

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