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Where To Find Abandoned Tents In Fortnite

Abandoned tents aren't just any old tent item in Fortnite.


In Fortnite Chapter 3, tents can be a very useful new tool, but abandoned tents are a specific kind of tent for which you'll be on the lookout in order to complete a Week 5 challenge. While these tents are scattered somewhat randomly, there are a few ways to increase the likelihood of finding an abandoned tent for yourself (and for that sweet, sweet XP). Here's where and how to find abandoned tents in Fortnite.

Fortnite abandoned tents

Abandoned tents are semi-randomized, but there are ways to better your chance of finding them.
Abandoned tents are semi-randomized, but there are ways to better your chance of finding them.

While you could find a tent item scattered among other loot in Fortnite, an abandoned tent is different. These special tents actually belong to other players from previous rounds of Fortnite. They aren't in your round, but their tents stay behind just where they left them.

You can spot an abandoned tent because it'll be completely grey in color, whereas tents being used by allies or enemies in your ongoing round will feature more vibrant colors such as blue. You can claim any abandoned tent as your own by approaching it and following the prompt. Just be sure it's grey, because if it's not, and it doesn't belong to your team, it belongs to an enemy--and they might even be hiding inside of it.

Where to find abandoned tents in Fortnite

You have to figure thousands and thousands of tents are being used every day in Fortnite, so it's not as though all tents placed by other players in other rounds will appear in your round--or else the map would be nothing but a vast ocean of camping gear. Therefore, you'll want to consider a few factors when seeking out abandoned tents, since their appearance in any given round is semi-randomized.

Rarely will abandoned tents be spotted alone.
Rarely will abandoned tents be spotted alone.

One thing we've found is that players like to place tents in bunches, likely due to squads players using them together--or perhaps Epic is simply grouping them up from across different rounds in this way. This is helpful because it often means you can spot a bundle of abandoned tents from some distance away.

Another thing to consider is that abandoned tents often appear off the beaten path. If you're staying on the roads, you're not likely to find an abandoned tent. More often, you'll see them stashed deep in the woods, like those in the northwest quadrant of the map, or high atop mountains. We also routinely find them inside Shifty Shafts, the mineshafts in the center-northern part of the map.

It seems like every round includes many abandoned tents, but the tricky part is knowing that they can't reliably be found in any one spot. However, if you keep an eye out for them bunched together, especially in especially high or low areas of the map, you're more likely to find an abandoned tent to claim as your own--and nab 25,000 XP in the process.

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