Where Are Fish Trophy Locations? Fortnite Week 8 Challenge Guide (Season 6)

Fish boogie.


Challenges for Week 9 of Fortnite Season 6 are now available, but it's not too late to complete those from Week 8. You can see a full breakdown of them in our Week 8 challenges roundup, and you'll probably notice one in particular that looks like it's going to require some more time and effort than the rest. This challenge asks players to find a fish trophy in seven different named locations around the island and dance in front of them. Here's where to find them.

If you've been paying very close attention to the environments in your time with Fortnite, you may have a good idea of where these fish trophies are. But if you haven't, fear not, because we've put together a list of their specific locations below. It's important to note that the "named locations" part is very important, as there are some fish trophies that aren't in named locations, and dancing in front of them won't contribute to completing the challenge.

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You can take a look at the locations of the fish trophies below and also watch us complete the challenge in the video above.

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Fortnite Fish Trophy Locations

  • Retail Row: In front of the store
  • Dusty Diner: Second floor office
  • Wailing Woods: Inside the bunker
  • Lonely Lodge: Inside the lodge
  • Junk Junction: The first floor of the main building
  • Fatal Fields: Above the fireplace in the main house
  • Risky Reels: Building at the north side

There are just two weeks left in the rest of Season 6, so if you're planning on getting everything, the clock is ticking. To make catching up a bit easier, you can use our complete Season 6 challenge guide, which will walk you through each week and has detailed information on how to complete the trickier of the challenges.

If you're all up to date, Fortnite has a new limited-time event for you to play. Introduced as part of Fortnite patch 6.30, Food Fight is a team-based event that asks players to pledge their loyalty to one of the two in-game fast food outlets, Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit. Once battle lines are drawn, players must defend their mascot, as the team that manages to destroy their enemy's mascot wins. The patch also throws the Mounted Turret into the mix, which will be handy when defending territory.

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