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What You Should Do First With Your New PS5

Before diving into your first PS5 game, maybe take a moment to make sure you won't be needlessly filling up your console's storage space.


If you managed to snag a PS5, then there are a few things you may want to consider doing as part of your initial setup. And we mean more than just making sure your TV settings and console settings match in order for you to get the best experience possible.

The PS5 is a departure from the PS4--unlike the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One that exist in the same console ecosystem, the PS5 uses a different UI and supports brand-new features and tech. You should know what to disable or enable prior to playing a PS5 game. In fact, there's something you should know before you even download your very first game.

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Download Your Cloud Saves

You probably don't want to start over from scratch on the games you've already started on PS4. To grab your save data, head into the settings and navigate over to "Saved Data and Game/App Settings." Here's where you can find all of your saved data for both PS5 and PS4 that's been saved to the cloud.

To actually pull the PS4 data, you'll need to click on "Saved Data (PS4)" and then choose "Cloud Storage." From here, you can see the individual saves for your PS4 games, which you can download to your PS5 in order to keep playing right from where you left off.

Set Your Default Download Location For PS4 Games

PS5 supports backwards compatibility with select PS4 games. Yay! PS5 also doesn't have much space to work with (667GB to be exact) when it comes to your games. Boo! But you can mitigate that problem by designating what gets saved to the internal SSD and what is saved to an external storage drive (if you have one).

Ideally, you should only be using the internal drive to install your new PS5 games, since you can play PS4 games off of an external drive but not PS5 (or PS5-enhanced) games. Change your settings so the default download location for your PS4 games is an external drive (load times may vary depending on your drive, however). You can't even store your PS5 games on an external drive at this point anyway, so you might as well reserve the internal SSD exclusively for them.

Download The Right Version Of Your Games

When you buy a digital game, you may notice that your PS5 is downloading more than one version of the game. That is because you bought a game that is available for both PS4 and PS5 (like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Bugsnax) and since the console can play both, it's downloading both versions of the game. You don't want that.

So as soon as you buy any game from the PlayStation Marketplace, don't use the Download All option. Instead, go into your PlayStation library and specifically pick out the PS5 version of the game and start the download (which you can do by using filters to only show PS5 games). Outside of the fact that you want the version of the game that's been best optimized for PS5's hardware, you want to save as much space on the console's SSD as possible. The PS5's solid state drive isn't all that big (considering the size of certain games), so you want to prioritize space where you can. And to that end...

Disable Automatic Trophy Videos

Yup, another tip to save on your storage space. Trust us, you'll thank us later. With games getting bigger and bigger, finding ways to save on storage will only help you in the long run. When you first turn on your PS5, go into the settings and disable automatic Trophy videos.

See, the PS5 automatically records a short 15-second long video whenever you unlock a Trophy. Though small in size, these videos do add up over time--so unless you really want the memories of when you got that Platinum in Demon's Souls or whatever (kudos if you do, by the way), we suggest you disable this feature. You can always manually record a video or take a screenshot yourself with the Create button.

Turn Off Your DualSense Mic

This advice is more for those of you who regularly play multiplayer games, like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. If you don't want everything you say or do to possibly be broadcast to your entire in-game squad, then you have to make sure to turn off the mic on your DualSense controller.

The DualSense is a wonderful piece of hardware, and the mic allows you to navigate the PS5 UI or easily communicate something to teammates without actually putting on a headset if you don't want to. We like that, we do. But the mic unfortunately starts as "on," so unless you turn it off, your entire party is going to hear whatever you say. Maybe you're okay with that--heck, maybe you want that. But if that isn't the case, take a moment to remember that you need to turn off your DualSense mic before jumping into a multiplayer game.

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