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With E3 2015 coming up in just under a week, there is plenty of reason for Nintendo fans to get excited. The company gave quite a showing last year with the announcement of a new Legend of Zelda game and new IP Splatoon. But what does the company need to do this year to keep gamers interested? We asked our editors what they would like to see from Nintendo and what they think the company needs to do to win the hearts of gamers everywhere during E3 2015. Check out their answers and let us know what you'd like to see from Nintendo in the comments below.

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Pictured Above: Star Fox Wii U
Pictured Above: Star Fox Wii U

Bring on the final wave | Rob Crossley

It's difficult to expect too much from Nintendo this year, with the company somewhat preoccupied by its new Nintendo NX console (which won't be shown this year). But a strong last hurrah for the Wii U would have to include a new Metroid game (unlikely) and ideally, a return to F-Zero (even more unlikely). I think there's more to Miyamoto's Star Fox game than meets the eye, and it might just be the company's flagship title for 2015. There's lots I'd love to see--a new Pilotwings, a new Mario Galaxy, more of the new Zelda--but don't think there will be too many big surprises this time.

Hold back the NX, show more Wii U | Daniel Hindes

I'm probably alone here, but I don't want to see anything about Nintendo's next console, the NX. I think that, as soon as Nintendo starts talking more about this, the Wii U will be left for dead. I think it still has life in it--and that's what Nintendo needs to show by revealing some sweet new first-party games. It's likely we'll see more of the new Legend of Zelda and Star Fox in action, but I want to see some brand new, Splatoon-like surprises that seem completely out of left field. If Nintendo's efforts last year are anything to go by, I shouldn't be disappointed.

Pictured Above: The Legend of Zelda Wii U
Pictured Above: The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Expecting the unexpected | Eddie Makuch

Nintendo is in a curious position this year. They've already ruled out talking about the NX and smartphone games, two of the most exciting areas of growth for the company in my eyes. And with Zelda delayed to 2016 (at the earliest), and Smash Bros. and Mario Kart already out...what's left for Wii U?

Nintendo makes some of the highest quality, delightful games that put a smile on your face like no other games do.

Hopefully a new Metroid game. Nintendo hasn't done anything meaningful with the franchise in years. A new Metroid game is just the kind of announcement that could generate some positive buzz among core gamers and draw them back to the system.

Outside of that, I'm expecting the unexpected. Nintendo makes some of the highest quality, delightful games that put a smile on your face like no other games do. I've learned throughout the years that you cannot, and should not, ever count Nintendo out. They have some of the brightest and most imaginative minds in the business and are always capable of delivering a compelling surprise.

Don't stop being you! | Kevin VanOrd

If I were Nintendo, I wouldn't change a thing. The company excels at capturing the essence of the child within all of us. (Even within me!) I am surprised at the success Splatoon turned out to be, and I hope that it is the cue Nintendo needed to introduce even more new ideas that change the game-maker's image. That said, the Wii U still needs a push, so how about a new Paper Mario and a new 3D Mario game? As for the 3DS, it's doing just fine, but why not a new Golden Sun? I'd say that would hit the spot right about now.

Pictured Above: Splatoon
Pictured Above: Splatoon

Give us the past and present | Alex Newhouse

Every year Nintendo seems to find itself stuck in between two worlds. On the one hand, the 3DS continues to sell well. On the other, the Wii U has thoroughly established itself as a niche product, not attracting third party support and selling a modest number of units at best. I’d love for Nintendo to show off The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, but the company has already stated that the game will not appear. So, I want it to go in-depth with Mario Maker, Star Fox, and hopefully Fire Emblem. And how amazing would it be if Nintendo brought back some of its beloved franchises like Metroid and F-Zero?

Metroid is all I ask | Peter Brown

There's only one game I want to see from Nintendo at E3: a new Metroid game. Now that Retro Studios, the team behind the Metroid Prime, is teasing E3 news on Twitter, I'm more hopeful than ever that my wish will come true. While I'm not convinced that Metroid Prime will make a comeback, I half expect to see a 2.5D remake of Super Metroid with new content for 3DS. If that's the case, I'll take it, but I'd really like a brand new game. Retro Studios has proved with games like Donkey Kong Country Returns, and of course, the Metroid Prime series, that it's got great original ideas of its own.

Pictured Above: Metroid Prime
Pictured Above: Metroid Prime

Continued talks, the new club Nintendo, and Amiibo | Justin Haywald

Even with Zelda getting pushed into next year, Nintendo has a lot of potential for E3 2015. In addition to the slate of surprise titles that we're sure to hear about, having the developer talk more candidly about its plans for mobile and extending franchises onto other platforms and genres (like the recent Puzzle & Dragons/Mario mash-up) could be interesting. But what I really want to hear about is the replacement for Club Nintendo. The reward system for loyal fans is set to end completely by September, but what will take its place? I know Nintendo has something in mind, and E3 is a great time to start talking about it.

But what I really want to hear about is the replacement for Club Nintendo.

And Nintendo also needs to do something more with Amiibo. I'm a begrudging collector, and I've paid too much for figurines from scalpers, but that shortage just takes away from the fact that there's not much to do with the toys. Will there ever be a game that brings all the of the Amiibo together Disney Infinity or Sklanders style? That would be big news.

Keep 'em coming | Matt Espineli

Nintendo needs to keep announcing more titles for the Wii U. Last year saw announcements for a solid roster of games, and that needs to continue this year if Nintendo wants to prevent the console from being too niche. Also, while I’d appreciate some more footage on existing games in their roster like Star Fox and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, I’d really be happy if Nintendo would surprise us with more new IPs. And finally, it would be much appreciated if we could get any kind of announcement to ease the burden of being an Amiibo collector. I personally don't collect them myself (I own two) but I'm sure it's tough enough as it is for collectors having to endure all the shortages.

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

Taking risks | Zorine Te

I am very curious to see what Nintendo will do with its NX console. I feel like the company is more willing to take risks with its hardware than others are, some of which has not paid off in recent years. For games, Splatoon is a great example of something that was very different and refreshing to see; more surprises like that are very welcome. I'd also like to see more integration with the Amiibo people have been collecting; with either new or existing games. I want to believe that taking risks will ultimately pay off, so Nintendo, it's time for your grand comeback!

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