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Maintaining the lead.


Sony is going to face a new challenge at this year's E3. As a current top performer in sales in the console market, it's clear that Sony needs to not pull its punches with the PS4 if it hopes to stay one step ahead of both Microsoft and Nintendo. During the past couple of years, Sony has managed to remain consistent in keeping their sight set purely on games. But what does the company need to do this year to keep gamers interested? We asked our editors what they would personally like to see from Sony and what they think the company needs to do to win the hearts of gamers everywhere during E3 2015. Check out their answers and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Always room for improvement | Eddie Makuch

With more than 22 million PS4 consoles sold, things seem to be going quite well for Sony right now. But there is always room for improvement, and E3 is a great venue for the company to flex its muscles.

I want to see an extended Uncharted 4: A Thief's End demo, something like the burning chateau scene from Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog has proven it can create some of the most compelling, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring set pieces and action sequences in all of gaming. E3 is as good a time as ever to show something spectacular to make up for the game's delay into next year.

I would also like to see Sony own up to the struggles of Driveclub. It's the elephant in the room until they address it. The game had problems. The PS Plus edition is still without a release date. Take ownership of the struggles and explain to us why it won't happen again with Gran Turismo 7.

Outside of that, I would also like to see the next games from David Cage/Quantic Dream and Killzone studio Guerilla Games. Even if they aren't coming until 2016, Sony needs to assure PS4 owners that new, first-party games are coming. After all, Sony itself has admitted the system's first-party lineup is a little sparse.

Opening the gates of Project Morpheus | Zorine Te

There are some exclusive games which I'd like to see more of. Persona 5, Street Fighter V, and the ever elusive ghost of a game, The Last Guardian. Something I'd also like to see from Sony is more software from its VR hardware, Project Morpheus. We know about Project Morpheus' specifications and what it can do, but I have yet to see any games that really make the hardware an appealing hardware addition to the PS4. Sony's already confirmed a bunch of its in-house studios are working on some projects for the Morpheus--perhaps it is time the public gets to see some of them.

Pictured Above: Project Morpheus
Pictured Above: Project Morpheus

Keep the momentum | Alex Newhouse

Sony needs to come out swinging at E3 this year. The PS4 is leading in sales over the Xbox One, so Sony knows it has a console that people want. But that momentum can only continue if it holds up its end of the bargain. I want Sony to show off those games that make people say, "Yes! Now THAT is why I bought this console!" I would love to see at least one more big exclusive game announcement, and I think showing off what Media Molecule or Guerrilla Games is doing would fulfill this. It’s also high time for a price drop. The PS4 cannot sustain these sales for much longer with fewer exclusives and a higher price point than the Xbox One. Sony has tried to get greater price parity with the Xbox by bundling in games with the PS4, but nothing speaks to a consumer more than a lower number on that price tag.

Keep those games coming | Kevin VanOrd

If you say "ICO" three times in a mirror, a package containing a videotape showing a little girl climbing out of a well will appear at your door. And she'll be holding a copy of The Last Guardian. Well, that seems just as likely as seeing The Last Guardian shown at E3 this year, but I can always hope. Otherwise, I want to see more ABZÛ, which captures me already in the way games like Journey did in the past. In addition, Guerrilla is reportedly working on their non-Killzone projects, and I am ready to see just what they are. I love Killzone, but Shadow Fall didn't quite reach the heights of Killzone 2, and it's time to see what else that studio has in store. Whatever it is, I bet it's visually astounding. Oh, and Supergiant Games? Bastion and Transistor were great, and a stage like Sony's E3 showing is the perfect setting for a new game announcement.

Pictured Above: Transistor
Pictured Above: Transistor

Answering those important questions | Justin Haywald

Sony may be doing well in overall console sales, but this fall is looking more than a little light in terms of big, exclusive releases. I expect Sony will have some answer to that at its press conference; we've even heard rumors that The Last Guardian could come out this year. But beyond games, Sony also needs to talk about Morpheus. As big as the tech is getting, general audiences still seem skeptical, and the longer a peripheral like Morpheus waits to come out, the less chance there is that gamers will buy one to add to their console. But could Sony reveal the first "killer app" for VR? E3 might be the place where we find out.

Address the elephant in the room | Peter Brown

I really hope this is the year that The Last Guardian returns to center stage during Sony's E3 conference. If Sony doesn't resurrect one of its most anticipated games, after all this time, I have to assume it's cancelled. We're at the point in the console life cycle when we start to see truly impressive games from first party teams, and I can't think of another game in Sony's portfolio that would cause as big of a splash as The Last Guardian.

Pictured Above: The Last Guardian
Pictured Above: The Last Guardian

Expanding Bloodborne | Daniel Hindes

Seeing as I already own a PS4, I'm not looking for the usual things like exclusives titles to win me over. In fact, I'm looking for things the expand the PS4 games I currently love. So really, all I want to see from Sony is more on the Bloodborne expansion. The game consumed so much of my time, but it was clear there could be more to it--more playstyles, more weapons, more variety in general. Aside from that, I'd love to see another game like P.T. that makes use of all aspects of the PS4 in new and interesting ways, such as the controller's motion sensor and lightbar, the console's camera, and microphone input.

Virtual reality and third-party games. Maybe PS Vita...? | Rob Crossley

For all the hype surrounding virtual reality, and all the testimonies of people who have emerged from their VR headsets with wide-eyed wonderment, the technology still lacks a show-stopping flagship game. I'm not entirely sure how invested Sony is in Project Morpheus, but if it sees it as anything beyond a luxury PS4 peripheral, it needs to back it with some of its bigger IPs. So I'm expecting a VR Killzone spinoff, or an IP with that degree of gravitas. Elsewhere I think we'll see Sony flaunt key third-party games, some of which will be locked with content exclusive to PS4 (first betas, timed DLC, additional content, etc), partly to take eyes off Sony's thin first-party slate, but also as a demonstration of PlayStation's growing dominance in the west. Oh, and apparently Sony has a handheld called the "PS Vita", so it would be nice if the company could confirm if this is true, and whether there are going to be any games released for it.

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