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It's time for your Friday wrap-up. Let's take a quick look at the things that happened earlier this week and jump into some new announcements. Then, we'll feature the member spotlight and union of the week!

The Recap

We started off with the Monday Report as usual, talking about our All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick event, as well as our Tokyo Game Show activities and our Mario Kart Community Game Night MVP! Next up, we showcased 17 videos from our GameSpot Spotlight channel. And, finally, on Thursday, we showcased 32 user reviews, as well as introduced a new feature titled "Platform Battle," a System Wars-inspired segment.


Tokyo Game Show Is Here!
We've already seen a lot of cool coverage from the Tokyo Game Show this year, but there is still plenty to watch over the weekend. We have Street Fighter X Tekken, Ninja Gaiden III, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and an awesome photo gallery just to name a few.
All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick
Round three voting has begun, and we are now in our Sweet 16 phase of our All-Time Greatest event. Be sure to check on who has made it to this stage of the game. Who made it to the final 16? There are certainly a few surprises, but many favorites are still holding strong. Head over to the page to make your vote!
PAX Prime Nerd Shirt Show-Off Winner!
It was a really close call, and we almost had a tie. Legolas_Katarn and Devil_Spooky were running neck and neck, but in the end it was Devil_Spooky who won, making him the PAX Prime Nerd Shirt Show-Off Winner! If only a certain GameSpotter had voted sooner. Congrats Devil_Spooky; we will be contacting you shortly!


With awesome events come equally awesome activities, and we have some neat ones. But if what we have planned isn't your thing, then we do have some classic ideas in mind. Many of these activities promise emblems and prizes, so be sure to check out the following:
TGS Toy Story: Scavenger Hunt
GameSpotters are on a quest for the cover art to many of these exclusive toys from the TGS show floor.
TGS Signature Roll Call
We have a classic activity for GameSpot events: Change your signature to a TGS-inspired one, sound off in the roll call, and get a power boost to your profile level!
Tokyo Game Show: JRPG Creator Blog Activity
Have you always wanted to create your own JRPG? Well, head on over to check out the details for this activity and, perhaps, an emblem.
TGS Puzzler Activity
GameSpot staff members have been turned into anime characters. Follow the clues, assemble the puzzle, and earn a nifty emblem!
Tokyo Game Show 2011 Experience and Impressions Blog Activity
Wow, that's a mouthful. Let us know about your experiences. For details on this activity, click here.
TGS JRPG Cosplay Contest!
Sprit gum, check. Face makeup, check. Awesome costume, check. Giant sword, check! Looks like you're just about ready for this activity. Head on over for the details. Did I mention emblems and awesome prizes?

Member Spotlight

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This week's spotlight shines on Sidburn19 for his amazing contribution to our Community Game Night--an awesome blog about his game night experience And if that weren't enough, we have a nifty video of what happened for those who missed out So three big cheers for this week's member spotlight! He totally deserves it!

Union of the week

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This week's featured union is the "animecafe," which is a union that focuses on quality anime, important news about anime, and anime reviews. It also recently concluded its Anime Cafe Awards for 2011. I had the pleasure of speaking with union leader Gr33nHippo about the union.

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