Weekly Report: Double EXP Weekend!

Today's wrap-up includes COD, ATGGSK, Now Playing, and a new video feature.


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Time again for the Friday wrap-up! In case you missed the last couple of days and are wondering what's been happening and who's been highlighted this week, you can check out the last few reports.

Thursday: Rave Reader Reviews

Wednesday: GameFlicks

Tuesday: Blog Bunker - Augment Edition

Monday: Daily Report


During September 2 and 3 we will be extensively covering Call of Duty XP in Los Angeles. We've already shown off tons of coverage, but there is more to check out, so hang on to your paintball guns because things are gonna get crazy!

All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick

By now you've filled out your bracket and chosen who your All-Time Greatest Sidekick is, right? Right? No?! Well, you better hurry because you have only until September 7 to get your bracket all lined up before the voting round begins!

Also, don't forget to campaign for your favorite by taking part in the Sidekick Campaign Kit Activity!

Now Playing: Xenoblade

Well, yesterday felt all too awkward around the office without an On the Spot episode, but Kevin took a stand against that silence and brought you an episode of Now Playing featuring Xenoblade! While I'm sure that you are all aware of the controversy surrounding the lack of an NA release date for the game, we thought it would still be nice for those of us who are unsure if we will be getting our hands on the game to get a glimpse at the awesomeness that is this spectacular Wii JRPG.

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on Foolio1 for an awesome three-part blog series on PAX Prime 2011. He goes into detail about the games he saw, the things he did, and the awesome schwag he got. So thanks again, Foolio1, for sharing your awesome PAX Prime experience!

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Union of the Week

This week we are featuring the Organization KH, a Kingdom Hearts union. This union's leader is a user by the name of "the-silent-hero," and we went ahead and sat down with him to have a little interview, where we asked him questions like, Why did you create your Union? and What was your inspiration? To check out the interview with this week's featured union, go here.

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What's New?

We have a new addition to GameSpot video features, The GameSpot Community Lounge, where unlike in You've Been Spotted, we focus solely on you, our loyal GameSpotters. Here you will also have the chance to hear replies from editors and other GameSpot staff. What can you expect to see this week? This week we talk about Xenoblade, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Member Spotlight, and Union of the Week, and we find out if Justin Calvert prefers DC or Marvel. You can also check out the video on Synthia's page.

And lastly, in this week's You've Been Spotted we spot GameStop's gaffe, Shepard's Last Stand, All-Time Greatest Sidekicks, Quantum Conundrum, and Persona's new fighting game. You also have a chance to win a copy of BlazBlue for the 3DS along with some mystery games. You can also check out this video by visiting Synthia's page, but you must comment and "like" the video on YouTube to be eligible for the game.

Today's Mentions

Giving a shout out to those featured during the week!
Megleeker, Cloud_765, the_silent_hero, Foolio1, HaloPimp978, SamMaLam89, DarthTyrranus, Gorillanator, Runbleduck, Dvader654, Crimsonpugtwo, Zenlang, shaun_ofda_dead, maddjuju, and Twistedface12.

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