Weekly Recap: PS4 Outsells Xbox One Again, Kojima Leaves Konami, High-Power PS4 Model

Here's a roundup of the week's biggest stories and some you might have missed.


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PS4 Tops Xbox One in September US Sales: Sony's PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in the US during September, the company announced this week as part of the monthly NPD report. The Xbox One was no slouch, though, as sales grew year-over-year and the platform continues to perform well. [Full story]

Kojima Leaves Konami... Or Maybe He's on Vacation: A report this week claimed that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's final day at Konami was October 9. Following this, however, Konami issued a statement that claimed Kojima was actually still an employee but was just on vacation. [Full story]

Sony Might Consider High-Power PS4: According to Sony executive Masayasu Ito, Sony is potentially considering making a higher-performance version of the PS4. Note that this is just hypothetical talk at the moment, but that Sony is talking about it at all is...interesting. [Full story]


Video game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which is behind the Lord of the Rings, Lego, and Batman franchises, has a new president. Get the full story here at Develop.

AMC Theatres has announced that a new Paranormal Activity VR game will be playable at select theatres across the US to coincide with the release of the Ghost Dimension movie. You can play the horror game on an HTC Vive headset, if you're brave enough. Read more at Variety.

Here's the launch trailer for the interesting-looking indie game, Pulse. Check it out.

The Indianapolis Colts executed one of the worst plays in NFL history last weekend against the New England Patriots. So naturally, it's been remade in classic football video game Tecmo Bowl. See it here.

Two months ago, The New York Times posted a scathing feature on Amazon and its working conditions, citing more than 100 sources. Now, Amazon COO Jay Carney has responded, calling out the NYT's journalistic standards in a new post for Medium.

Here's a cool timelapse video showing off how the folks at Yogscast made a Fallout 4 mural.

Need more Shenmue III details? A new DualShockers interview with Yu Suzuki is a good read, covering new gameplay technical details, PC frame rate, romance options, and more. Read it here.

Video game retailer GameStop has launched a new ad campaign called "We're All Players." The videos were shot in real GameStop stores and are quite funny. Note that the aim is to promote GameStop and its preorder offers, of course. Watch the Assassin's Creed video here and the rest on YouTube.

United States Marines are training using virtual reality technology. They talked more about it recently in a news post addressing how they're using the tech to train soldiers in theoretically any environment, wherever they are. Get the full story here.

Daily fantasy esports company Vulcun has closed up shop in Nevada as a result of the state's recent designation of such activities as prohibited gambling. Get the full story here.

Developer Game Insight has released what it's calling "gaming's first massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game." Called X-Mercs, the game is available now for iOS devices, and claims to boast "console-quality" graphics. Read more about it on the X-Mercs website.

Here is the launch trailer for Beyond Sol, the new game from ex-BioWare developers Eric Fagnan and Zachary Beaudoin, whoa re also cousins. The game, which blends action combat and strategy, is available today on Steam for $20.

How did Bethesda make that awesome-looking, functional Mister Handy at we saw at E3? Popular Mechanics has a great, in-depth story about it all came together. Read the story here.

Duelyst, a new turn-based strategy game from former Blizzard, Riot, and Insomniac developers, has entered open beta for PC and Mac. You can play it for free right now at the game's website, while the full title is slated to launch in early 2016.

Oh my word, this Witcher 3 cosplay is stunning. This man is clearly a professional. See the full gallery here.

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Sony has invested a "ton of money" into its upcoming virtual reality platform, PlayStation VR, according to new comments. This is good news if you want to see it succeed. Read more at VRFocus.

Ann Romney, the wife of former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, has posted a new video in which she talks about how to be a "freaking awesome granda." Part of that is by playing video games, of course. See the video and get more details at GamePolitics.

What happens when you combine the wacky worlds of I Am Bread and Goat Simulator? I'm not really sure, but I'm eager to find out. Watch the teaser trailer below for the forthcoming collaboration.

Valve doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to customer service. You may be happy to learn, then, that the company is working to fix that. Read this Kotaku story for lots more into how the company is doing that.

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