We Happy Few's New Trailer Introduces The Three Protagonists And Their Stories

Misery loves company.


We Happy Few's new trailer showcases the indie survival games' three playable main characters, while also offering additional story details and a closer look at its creepy dystopian world. The trailer ends with brief looks at We Happy Few's overhauled crafting system, and new skill trees and side quests.

We Happy Few's three main characters are Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle, and Ollie. We've known of Arthur since We Happy Few's original announcement, and the trailer showcases he's still a handy tinkerer. He tends to build his way around a problem, whether that's hacking into equipment or crafting makeshift weapons. Sally appears to approach enemies with a bit more stealth than Arthur. We don't see her engaging anyone in direct combat, as she instead utilizes her drug-filled syringes to knock out guards before sneaking into restricted areas. Ollie is portrayed as loud-mouthed and crass. We see him shove off guards with his bare hands and craft a diverse set of explosives to handle large numbers of enemies. The man doesn't seem to care whether people see him or not.

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We Happy Few has transformed a number of times since it was first announced. Revealed at E3 2016, Compulsion Games' indie title was originally built almost entirely around Arthur's crafting gameplay and was releasing as a Microsoft exclusive. However, after launching in Early Access, Compulsion saw that players were asking for more story and means of survival other than crafting.

The option to pre-purchase We Happy Few was removed, and Compulsion went to work on overhauling the game. The title was reworked with a new skill tree and a more in-depth story. The number of protagonists was upped from one to three, a PS4 version of the game was announced, and more mechanics were added to combat. Though We Happy Few is still geared towards survival gameplay, the title's new action-adventure focused mechanics make it play a lot closer to its BioShock inspiration.

We Happy Few is launching on August 10 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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