Watch This Rocket League Save Turn Into an Amazing Goal

The other team never stood a chance.


It's not a terribly uncommon situation to see a Rocket League save turn into a goal--ram the ball from inside of your goal and, aimed correctly, it can soar right into the other team's. What you don't typically see is someone come from behind the ball, smash it into the wall, and have that (seemingly magically) soar across the field into the other goal.

Yet that's precisely what happens in the GIF below, which was recently shared on Reddit. What would have been a nice but otherwise not especially remarkable save turns into a shot the other team is unprepared to deal with.

Also shared in that Reddit post's comments is the GIF located here, showing another amazing save that miraculously ends up in the other team's goal.

Rocket League was released in July for PS4 and PC, and it recently got its first DLC. Although it hasn't yet been confirmed for any other specific platforms, developer Psyonix has indicated it does plan on bringing it to additional systems.

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