Watch Microsoft's Stunning New HoloLens Gaming Demo

Say hello to Project X-Ray.


During Microsoft's Windows 10 event on Tuesday, the company announced a new experimental HoloLens game called Project X-Ray. Now, you can see that game in action. This new HoloLens demo goes further than what we've seen before in that it introduces "holograms you can hold." Watch as the demonstrator wields a holographic weapon to blast oncoming alien enemies--all while inside a living room setup.

In this demo, robots spring forth from the walls. By way of their spacial awareness, they can use their knowledge of where walls and couches are to plan specialized attacks against you. Your living room might not look like the one shown here, but that doesn't matter, as the software can adapt to your setup.

"Holograms behave just like real objects," a Microsoft developer said. "They can interact with the environment and each other."

HoloLens, which promises "mixed reality" instead of virtual reality alone, was announced earlier this year. As this video demonstrates, it clearly has some gaming potential, but right now, Project X-Ray, as well as the special demos for Halo and Minecraft shown previously, are considered experiments only. However, the device is slated to get a lot more real very soon.

Microsoft is currently accepting applications for HoloLens developer kits. Successful applicants will be invited in January 2016 to buy a HoloLens for $3,000. Plans for a consumer model, however, have not been announced.

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