Watch Hunters Slay The Golden Tempest Beast In Wild Hearts

This new gameplay trailer showcases three different weapons: Claw Blade, Cannon, and Karakuri Staff.


The Golden Tempest, which looks like a monstrous saber-toothed tiger with appendages, doesn't seem like a lightweight beast to bring down in Wild Hearts. A new gameplay trailer highlights how players can take on the creature with various weaponry.

For starters, there's the Claw Blade. This appears to be similar to the dual blades in the Monster Hunter franchise, but in Wild Hearts, there are a lot more aerial acrobatics going on with the weapon. The trailer shows the player flying in to slice up the Golden Tempest before flying out again.

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Meanwhile, the Cannon is just how it sounds. It's massive like a rocket launcher, featuring different ways to blast the Golden Tempest. The trailer highlights charged-up shots, mortar-like fire, and even a healing area of effect from the ranged weapon.

Finally, the new Wild Hearts video focuses on the Karakuri Staff. This seems like a weapon for close-quarters combat. Interestly, it also appears to morph into basically a great sword to deal huge damage to the Golden Tempest.

As for the Golden Tempest, which was first revealed at The Game Awards, the creature shows off some deadly attacks with its tail. The beast also has a type of roar bomb from its mouth, along with sucking in air to draw hunters close to its proximity.

Wild Hearts is set to launch February 17 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is developed by Omega Force, known for its work on the Dynasty Warriors franchise. For more, check out GameSpot's Wild Hearts preview.

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