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Watch Dogs 2 Video Compares Virtual San Francisco to the Real One

Ubisoft walked the streets and spoke with locals to capture the "soul" of key areas.


Ubisoft today released a new Watch Dogs 2 video in which creative director Jonathan Morin talks about how the developer went about capturing the essence of San Francisco to make it feel authentic.

One of the challenges of recreating San Francisco in a game was getting the size and scale of the city right, or at least to a satisfactory level. "If we don't at least uphold the size of our game, it's going to be laughable; we need to have those vistas right," Morin said. Check out the video above; it's hosted by former GameSpot editor Chris Watters.

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Also in the video, Morin talked about how Ubisoft spent some time walking the streets of San Francisco to speak with locals, including "hipsters and techies." This is important to retaining the "soul" of every area, he said; the game has famous San Francisco landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and the Embarcadero.

Morin teased that Watch Dogs 2 will have quite a few Easter eggs. At around 6:26 in the video, you can see that Ubisoft's San Francisco office is depicted in the game, with a poster for what appears to be the Assassin's Creed movie hanging from the building. As seen in a previous trailer, Watch Dogs 2 also includes the "World Famous Bushman," who hides behind bushes and jumps out to scare people.

Watch Dogs 2 recently went gold and is set for launch on November 15 for Xbox One and PS4. PC players will have to wait a bit longer; following a recent delay, it arrives on that platform on November 29.

In other news, Ubisoft has detailed the game's post-launch content, which comes first to PS4.

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