Watch: Destiny Devotees Defeat Crota's End Hard Mode in 27 Minutes

See the "One and Done" Fireteam blast through Destiny's latest challenge for hardened players.


A Destiny Fireteam of six players, five of which belong to the clan One and Done, have been named as the first group to defeat the new Crota's End Hard Mode mission.

Developer Bungie revealed that the Crota's End HArd Mode had been defeated around an hour after it went live on Wednesday. The victorious group, which consisted of four level 32 Guardians and two level 31 Guardians, were named and congratulated on Bungie's Twitter feed. A video of their heroics can be found above.

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The footage shows how One and Done managed to finish off the final boss, Crota himself, in 27 minutes and two seconds. Hard mode locks all enemies at level 33 which, due to the existing level 32 cap, puts players at a disadvantage throughout.

Rewards for finishing Hard Mode can include some of the game's most sought-after exotic weapons.

Crota's End is the final boss that shipped with Destiny's first major expansion, the Dark Below.

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