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WarioWare: Move It Brings More Microgame Madness To Switch In November

Over 200 microgames will have you moving your entire body.


During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, the next installment of Nintendo's microgame-themed franchise, WarioWare: Move It, was unveiled and confirmed for launch on November 3.

WarioWare: Move It will include over 200 microgames that will require players to use their entire bodies in order to complete. Examples in the trailer include waving around like a piece of seaweed at the bottom of the ocean, as well as moving fists quickly to simulate a speedbag.

The new WarioWare will feature local co-op, which will require players to sync their motions in time with one another in order to complete co-op-specific minigames. A few were also shown in the trailer, with one player throwing a baseball at the other swinging a bat in one example.

This is the first WarioWare game on Nintendo Switch since WarioWare: Get It Together, which launched in 2021. GameSpot's official review called it a "much different WarioWare experience, and the new twist is mostly for the better."

WarioWare: Move It launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 3.

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