Warframe's Big Sister of Parvos Update Is Now Live

Warframe's latest update, Sister of Parvos, is available on all platforms, and it adds a new "personal antagonist" to the game, as well as a lot of new content.


Warframe's big new Sister of Parvos update is now live on all platforms, and it adds a lot of new content to the game. The update adds a new antagonist in the form of the titular Sisters of Parvos, who are elite hunters who will track you down and take you out if you aren't careful. Check out the trailer here.

You have to follow a precise series of events to eliminate the Sister that will pursue you once and for all, including eliminating the mechanized Hound that accompanies her. You can choose to kill her in order to obtain her loot, or you can convert her to your side in order to get her as a crew member on your Railjack.

The Sisters of Parvos each have one of eight new weapons, so you'll have to grind hard if you want to get them all. This update also adds a new Warframe to the game in the form of the water-themed Yareli, who you can research after obtaining her main blueprint from challenges in the Orb Vallis. She rides a very cool bone fish called Merulina, who can also absorb incoming damage.

The update also streamlines the ways that players can confront Kuva Liches, which will make grinding for their loot that much easier. You can now revert your Kubrow or Kavat to their juvenile state with an option on your incubator, so that will give you more options on how to build your companions. For more details on the update, check out the blog post on Warframe's website.

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