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Warcraft 3: Reforged Has A Release Date, And It's Not Far Away

Warcraft III: Reforged will launch in late January.


Warcraft III: Reforged--a complete remaster of Warcraft III and its expansion, The Frozen Throne--is not far off. Blizzard has announced that Reforged, which will make a few changes to the original, will release for PC on January 28, 2020 from 3PM PST. Blizzard says that the goal was to release the game in 2019, but it's been delayed.

The game will feature over 60 missions and a complete visual overhaul. It will be available digitally for $30, or for $40 you can grab the Spoils of War edition, which comes with some in-game bonuses for numerous Blizzard titles. Here's what you get for your extra $10:

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  • Warcraft III: Reforged
    • Champion of the Horde Thrall Hero Skin
    • Daughter of the Seas Proudmoore Hero Skin
    • Fallen King Arthas Hero Skin
    • Emerald Nightmare Cenarius Hero Skin
  • World of Warcraft
    • Meat Wagon Mount
  • Overwatch
    • Player Icons: Human, Orc, Undead, Night Elf, and Lich King
    • Animated Sprays: Footman, Grunt, Ghoul, and Archer
  • Diablo III
    • Mal’ganis pet
  • Hearthstone
    • Third War card back
  • Heroes of the Storm
    • Anub’arak Hero
    • Jaina Hero
    • Thrall Hero
    • Tyrande Hero
  • StarCraft II
    • Alliance Console Skin
    • Horde Console Skin
    • Sentinels Console Skin
    • Scourge Console Skin
  • StarCraft: Remastered
    • Spoils of War Console

The original Warcraft III received a 9.3/10 in our 2002 review, and reviewer Greg Kasavin called it a "must-have game." Blizzard has previously said that there are currently no plans to make a Warcraft 4.

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