VR headset Oculus Rift delayed

Virtual reality headset now expected to ship in March 2013; delay due to time needed to implement extra features.


Gamers who preordered an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset hoping to have it in time for the holidays are out of luck. Developer Oculus announced today that the device's ship date has been pushed back to March 2013. Orders are expected to be delivered by April 2013.

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In a blog post to the company's website, the delay was explained as being necessary due to extra time required to implement changes and modifications to the device necessary for mass-manufacturing.

"Designing, sourcing, and manufacturing thousands of developer kits is no small feat," reads a line from the statement. "Since our Kickstarter, we’ve been up against the wall, working around the clock to produce and distribute over 7,500 units in just four short, crazy months. We’ve had to modify our original design for mass-manufacturing and, at the same time, balance additional features with our tight schedule."

One of the updated features for the Oculus Rift is its display. Developers have decided on a new 1280 X 800 7-inch display that reportedly beats the old iteration in "almost every key area." The first version measured 5.6-inches. Along with the larger screen comes added weight. The new 7-inch model is 30 grams heavier than the original, the company said.

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