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The member spotlights of 2009 are eligible for the title GameSpotter of 2009!


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We’re going to shake things up a bit this year. The users below have been noticed by staff because they have posted fascinating blogs during the past year. With your help, we would like to recognize one of them as the GameSpotter of 2009!

GameSpot members have the opportunity to vote for one of the member spotlight mentions below. The votes are counted for the remainder of the month, and the GameSpotter of 2009 will be announced in early January.

What’s at stake? I’m going to raid GameSpot editorial desks with a Nerf gun to demand schwag from each of them! If the Nerf gun doesn’t intimidate them, I’ll get a water gun! Who knows what kind of goodies I’ll collect. Shh, don’t tell them about this plan. I need to get them when they don’t expect to get the best schwag!

How to Vote:

1) Review the list of usernames below. Check to see the reason that the user was the member spotlight and consider if that user is actively blogging!

2) Send a private message to our staff account. In your message, add the username in the subject field and add a period in the message field. Here is an example of what the private message should look like before you send it to our staff.

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Please don’t add anything but the username in the subject title field so we can insert your username and the person you voted for into a spreadsheet.

Note: The 2009 member spotlights are not eligible to vote in this little activity, but they can notify their friends about it.

Please check each user profile to see if the user is an active contributor and check to see why the user received the member spotlight.

Here are the member spotlights of 2009!

- bacchus2* [01/05/09]
- Wootex* [01/13/09]
- finalcross* [01/20/09]
- im-a-roustabout* [01/26/09]
- jsmoke03* [02/02/09]
- Sandpiper121PP* [02/09/09]
- TreyoftheDead [02/17/09]
- Arcticcop [02/23/09]
- EarthThatWas [03/03/09]
- PixelHunter** [03/09/09]
- AnelZukic [03/17/09]
- DouglasBuffone [03/23/09]
- Whoozwah [03/31/09]
- Sequekhan [04/13/09]
- Bozanimal [05/05/09]
- Spoogei [05/11/09]
- laughlyn12 [05/20/09]
- ehsan8888 [05/29/09]
- ClayMeow [06/11/09]
- Drfish62 [07/06/09]
- Safad0 [07/15/09]
- EE2lemmonhead [07/22/09]
- Sieg6529 [07/27/09]
- masterpinky2000 [08/03/09]
- ErrolJames [08/11/09]
- Samson089 [08/17/09]
- david_lck [08/24/09]
- rykh [09/11/09]
- Garrison_Ford [09/18/09]
- Pooyanh [09/27/09]
- Brianfox1 [10/05/09]
- dtujd2 [10/12/09 ]
- SolidTy [10/16/09]
- Tyzwain [10/30/09]
- Setho10 [11/16/09]
- buft [12/04/09]
- GameBlender [12/11/09]

Voting ends January 2, 2010!

*Note: During January and February, the member spotlights were labeled as the "blog of the week" or "GameSpotter of the week."

**Additional note: PixelHunter is formerly known as EAjack.

Moroes and Spazzx625 are 2009 member spotlights who have asked to be excluded in this activity to increase the chances for other GameSpot members.

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