Voltron games forming at THQ

Publisher announces deal to bring vintage giant robot TV show to games this fall, following debut of new Voltron Force animated series.


As popular as giant robots are in the world of gaming, the iconic 1980s cartoon Voltron has never been given a proper gaming adaptation. That's set to change this year, as THQ today announced a deal with rights-holder World Events Productions to produce games based on the Voltron franchise.

Don't shake hands with Voltron.
Don't shake hands with Voltron.

The first games from THQ are expected to arrive this fall, in the wake of the new Voltron Force animated TV series. However, the publisher has said the games will build on the original Voltron cartoon and its familiar team of five color-coded robotic lions that combine to form the titular Defender of the Universe.

Voltron Force will debut on Nicktoons in the US and will tie in to a pair of action-figure lines from toy maker Mattel. The first toys will be based on the original Voltron series and should arrive this year, with a Voltron Force-specific line scheduled for 2012.

For more on the original Voltron, check out the series' official website.

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