Vic Viper collectible due from Konami

Flying machine of Gradius fame primed; Konami to test waters to see if manufacturing will ensue.


Gradius V

TOKYO--Konami is planning to release a silver metallic model of the Vic Viper, the classic ship from the Gradius series. The 1/200 scale model of the Vic Viper is reminiscent of the same model that was given away to winners in a campaign to promote Gradius II on the PC Engine Super CD-ROM (Turbo Graphix CD-ROM) in 1992.

This updated model will be made out of white metal with a silver exterior. At 12 centimeters long (4.7 inches), it should be weighty enough to serve as a good paperweight.

Konami says it won't be making the product unless there are at least 200 preorders on the books by November 22. If there's enough demand, the Vic Viper will ship on March 25 at a price of 6,800 yen ($50). Konami has additional details on its Web site.

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