Venom 2 Trailer: A New Carnage Origin And Major Moments You Might Have Missed

Cletus Kasady's new story, a first look at Shriek, and more in the new trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage


Venom: Let There Be Carnage might have ditched Woody Harrelson's infamous Ronald McDonald-style wig last seen in the post credits of the first Venom movie, but Cletus Kasady is still very much present for the sequel. In fact, he's the star of the latest trailer for the movie, which teases all sorts of few bits and pieces of what we should expect. Moments like a brand-new origin story for Carnage, trouble at home for Eddie and Venom, and even a quick glimpse at Shriek, the movie's other villain who just so happens to be a criminally insane mutant.

Before we break down these moments, take a look at the trailer to see how many details you notice and let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters on September 24, 2021.

Carnage's New Origin

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In the comics, Carnage is actually Venom's "child" at least in the sense that Venom spawned him (and several others) while Eddie was actually in prison with Cletus. The Carnage symbiote bonds with Cletus unbeknownst to Eddie through a cut on Cletus's hand.

Things are a bit different for the movie version. We see that Cletus has requested Eddie interview him specifically--apparently because he feels some sort of kinship with him already for some reason--and then bites Eddie through the bars of his cell. Of course, there might be more to it than that in the full movie, but it certainly looks like that's the basic point of Symbiotic contamination for Cletus here. Ultimately, this doesn't change much, except it does remove the whole "Carnage is Venom's offspring" thing, we guess.

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There's even a moment in the trailer that makes it look like Carnage takes over Cletus's body for the first time while Cletus is being executed by lethal injection.

Shriek in Ravencroft

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While her name might not be in the title of the movie, Shriek is also a major villain for Eddie and Venom to face, and we get some pretty good looks at her in this trailer. It looks like she's already been incarcerated in Ravencroft at the start of the movie, which jives with her comic book story. If we had to guess, this particular plotline is going to follow the Maximum Carnage comics very, very closely and will entail Carnage breaking Shriek out during his own escape.

Interestingly, in the comics Shriek is a mutant, so her powers (super sonic screaming, mind manipulating, and flight) are just innate to her. It's difficult to tell based on the trailer how the movie is going to deal with this, or if it'll bother giving her an origin story at all.

Trouble in Paradise

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Of course, it wouldn't be a Venom story if it didn't devote a ton of time to Eddie and Venom's odd couple hijinks. We don't get a very detailed look into just how they've been spending their time since we last saw them, but based on the scenes here, it's pretty safe to say things are pretty tense. Venom wants to be eating people, Eddie seems to be growing tired of the vigilante life. Can you really blame either of them?

And speaking of, the fact that Anne (Michelle Williams) and Dan (Reid Scott) have apparently tied the knot isn't helping Eddie and Venom's social life at all.

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