Vega$: Make it Big announced

Empire Interactive announces that it will publish this casino management game from the developer responsible for Monopoly Tycoon. First screens inside.


Empire Interactive has today announced that it will publish Vega$: Make it Big for the PC in July. The game, which is in development at UK-based Deep Red, will challenge players to start up their own hotel casino at the lower end of the Las Vegas strip and gradually work their way up to the top--earning millions of dollars en route.

To succeed in Vega$, players will not only need to kit out their hotels with gambling tables, but they will also need to put a lot of effort into attracting gamblers to lose money on them. Extra attractions available to the player will include everything from cabaret acts and magic shows to bargain buffets and, if they're not fussy about the type of clientele they attract, "red light" amusements.

Players will also need to employ security personnel to keep an eye on thieves and cheats, as well as on competitors' hotels to ensure that theirs remains competitive in terms of both attractions and pricing. There will be 10 different themes to choose from when constructing a new hotel, and since the game is in full 3D, players will be able to explore their creations both inside and out.

Vega$: Make it Big is currently scheduled for release in July. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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