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Vampire Survivors Adventures Update Arrives On Xbox And PC December 6, Mobile And Switch Later

The Vampire Survivors 1.8 update adds Adventures on December 6.


Vampire Survivors is adding Adventures in its 1.8 update, coming to PC and Xbox on December 6. Adventures are small, "self-contained" stories that reset and remix the gameplay of Vampire Survivors. The update is also coming to the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions, but a later, unknown date.

The trailer for version 1.8, titled The Deeplorable Update, shows a taste of the Adventure mode. There are three Adventures shown in the trailer, A Garlic Paradise, World of Light and Dark, and Legacy of the Moonspell, with the last one only available for owners of the DLC of the same name. Each Adventure has over a dozen chapters, and has a limited selection of characters to choose from.

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The description states that the Adventures will reset the gameplay, which implies that your character unlocks and stat upgrades won't carry over, providing a new challenge for anyone that has cleared the main game prior to this update. It's not immediately clear how much new content will be in these Adventures, as the chapter shown reuses the original map, but there is a brief shot showing a new area and new NPC.

The announcement trailer also states that the "First Adventures" are out December 6, implying that more Adventures will be added in future updates or DLC. It also notes that the update is coming "soon" to Nintendo Switch and PC, so players on those platforms might not have to wait too long. Vampire Survivors Poncle also shared a "Chaos Roadmap" on X (formerly Twitter), teasing new items, with no dates or even a set release order.

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