Valve's Pipeline to help teens seeking careers in game industry

Through new program, Valve's own teenage employees will discuss challenges and questions regarding breaking into the industry.


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Valve has introduced a new program called Pipeline, an initiative aimed at helping up-and-coming designers seeking careers in the game industry.

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According to its newly launched website, Valve's Pipeline program will help answer questions like "What is it like to work on video games?" "What should I study?" "What colleges are best for preparing me?" and "How do I get a job in video games?"

Valve's Pipeline initiative is itself an experiment. Traditionally, Valve explained, the Half-Life and Steam studio has been known to mainly employ very experienced individuals.

However, the new Pipeline program is a trial to see if Valve can take a group of high school students with minimal work experience and train them to be successful at a company like Valve.

"We want to establish a connection to the world of teenagers that are asking many questions about getting into the gaming industry," Valve said. "We look to answer many of these questions and are willing to reach out to the community and give them the information they need."

The first wave of information from Valve Pipeline is expected to be released "within the next month or so." For more, check out the video below, produced by Valve's new Pipeline employees.

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