Unreal Tournament 2004 onslaught bonus coming

GameSpot will premiere a pack of two free onslaught bonus maps this Friday. New screens inside.


This Friday GameSpot DLX will host the premiere of two new maps for Unreal Tournament 2004's popular onslaught mode, giving fans massive new battlefields for fighting on foot and in UT2004's new vehicles. The Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught Bonus Pack is being released as part of Microsoft's Windows XP Extras program.

The larger of the two maps, ONS-Ascendancy, takes the action to the surface of a sprawling alien mining planet with glowing Tarydium crystal formations, while the other, ONS-Aridoom, hosts medium-sized battles among age-old mesas. Both maps from the Epic designers show UT2004's characteristic polish and style. New screenshots of both maps are pictured.

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