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Unicorn Overlord - All Romance Options And How To Get Married

There are dozens of different characters you can romance in Unicorn Overlord, but you can only choose one to marry.


Unicorn Overlord features a few dozen unique characters, many of which you have the option to romance about halfway through the campaign. In order to romance and marry the character of your choice you will need to max out your rapport with that character and complete a specific story quest before you can pop the question. Here's how to quickly max out your Rapport, get married, and who you can get married to.

How to build Rapport

There are three main ways of building rapport between characters in Unicorn Overlord. First, characters in the same unit will build rapport every time they fight an enemy unit, earning a small amount from each encouter. If you're looking to romance a character, that means they will need to be in the same unit as Alain and you will need to use that unit in combat. This method is pretty slow compared to the other two options, but it doesn't require money or items.

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The second method is eating at a tavern. Taverns can be found in the bigger towns and kingdoms around the map. If you are looking at a town on the overworld map, the tavern icon is a beer with food. At the tavern you will have three food options, each of which offers a different amount of rapport and a different number of characters you can include. Some meals offer over 100 rapport, which can quickly get you to the max rapport level of three.

The final option is to give gifts. Gifts can be obtained from both battle and stores at various towns. While some characters like some gifts more than others, there are no disliked gifts and the higher value gifts, like gems, will give any character triple-digit rapport, making this the fastest way to boost rapport. To give a gift to a character, they will need to be stationed as a guard at a town. If you station the character you want to give a gift to somewhere and don't remember where, you can assign them to whatever town you are currently in.

How to marry someone

In order to marry someone, you must acquire the Ring of Maiden, which is obtained after completing the story quest "The Witch's Word." This is the final story mission in Elheim, the region to the southwest, where the Elves live. Elheim is likely to be the third region you complete after the starting section of Cornia. You're given the option to go to either Elheim or Drakenhold after Cornia, but Elheim missions start five levels higher than Drakenhold.

Once that quest is completed you will get the quest "Unicorn and Maiden," which is found on Palevia, the starting island. You can travel there using the port at Ouvrir Harbor, off the western coast of Cornia. Once there you can see a list of the characters that you have reached max rapport with and have the option to do the ritual with, cementing them as your romance option.

All romance options

Once you reach max rapport with a character, you can choose to give them the Ring of Maiden in Palevia.
Once you reach max rapport with a character, you can choose to give them the Ring of Maiden in Palevia.

There is an abundance of different romance options in Unicorn Overlord, both male and female. However, if you choose to do the ritual with a male character, Alain will not marry them in the story, even though they will be your partner. Below is a list of all characters you can romance, but keep in mind some characters are only available via side quest and some are missable depending on your story choices.

Every character you can romance

  • Yahna
  • Berenice
  • Selvie
  • Fran
  • Virginia
  • Berengaria
  • Hilda
  • Leah
  • Primm
  • Celeste
  • Rosalinde
  • Adel
  • Aubin
  • Auch
  • Bruno
  • Clive
  • Colm
  • Hodrick
  • Josef
  • Lex
  • Mordon
  • Rolf
  • Travis
  • Renault
  • Gilbert
  • Ithilion
  • Gailey
  • Scarlett
  • Chloe
  • Sharon
  • Tatiana
  • Miriam
  • Kitra
  • Monica
  • Ochlys
  • Melisandre
  • Nina

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