Uncharted 4's First Multiplayer DLC and Huge Patch Out Today

Lost Treasures arrives.


Uncharted 4's first multiplayer expansion, Lost Treasures, launches today. Developer Naughty Dog has now released a new trailer and provided an overview of everything it contains.

Lost Treasures comes to Uncharted 4 through the 1.08 update, which makes a number of gameplay and weapon balance changes; the patch is 1.3 GB in size.

The new Uncharted 4 multiplayer map included with the update is called Sunken Ruins, and it will look familiar to people who have played the single-player campaign. It's one of Uncharted 4's smallest maps, which sets it up to be a fast-paced arena. You can see it in action in the video above.

New items included with the Lost Treasures release include more Chests that include things like the P90 weapon or the Path of Indra Mystical, which lets you teleport your teammates. These Chests can be purchased for real-world money or by spending in-game currency.

Here is a full rundown of Uncharted 4's new items:


  • P90 – A full auto submachine gun with a very large magazine
  • Arrowhead A3c – A full auto long range variable rifle (choose to scope in or not)
  • Enforcer G26 – Semi-auto very fast rate of fire pistol
  • Agarwal .40 – Semi-auto hard-hitting 40-caliber pistol
  • Harbinger Sniper – A Heavy Weapon sniper gun


  • Enhanced Radar – increases the range of radar and show directional arrows for enemies
  • Gunslinger – swap weapons faster and reload faster while rolling
  • Hardened – reduced damage wobble
  • Gifting – give allies a full gear recharge


  • Path of Indra – teleport to any ally

There are also new vanity items now available in the Uncharted 4 store, including more than 50 new skins, 70 new hat and face items, and a number of new taunts and weapon skins. One of the new weapon skins turns your character into a pirate. During a livestream this week, Naughty Dog revealed that Elena's pirate outfit gives her a peg leg, which actually makes a different sound as she's running around. Very cool.

As for the 1.08 patch, one of its biggest new features is a levelling system, which players have called for since Uncharted 4 launched in May.

"Our level system features 70 levels, with each level awarding you with items ranging from Relics to Chests," lead designer Robert Cogburn said on the PlayStation Blog. "Every 5 levels you will earn a vanity item that cannot be attained through any other method. They are unique and a great way to show off your veteran status. They are quite mystical, actually…"

You will earn XP in three ways: completing matches, earning score, and earning medals.

Another focus of the 1.08 patch is a revamp to the ranked team deathmatch mode.

"Ranked team deathmatch will now be occurring over the course of Seasons. Season One will last 60 days, ending on August 20, 2016," Cogburn said. "When the Season is over, we'll take a short break before the next Season starts to allow us time to make and implement any changes and updates."

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When players reach Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status, they will be given a vanity item. Additionally, these items are tied to a specific season, meaning there may only be once chance in the game's lifetime to unlock certain rewards.

Naughty Dog will provide a more in-depth breakdown of Uncharted 4's new Ranked team deathmatch changes during a livestream on its Twitch channel at 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST on Thursday, June 30.

Uncharted 4's 1.08 update also makes some significant changes to how the game plays. Below is a rundown of some of the big changes, while the full patch notes will eventually be posted here.

1.08 Gameplay Changes and Fixes:

  • The ability for a player to accumulate an offline Relic bonus; log back in and play games to pull Relics from your offline bonus
  • Leaderboards have been fixed
  • The Brute Sidekick can no longer detect players behind them unless they are damaged
  • Spirit of the Djinn – Increase Duration mod will now grant you an additional 5 seconds for each KO you get while your Djinn is active
  • The Farmer Booster has been totally revamped so you can deal with Sidekicks more effectively
  • Damage wobble and blind-fire have had significant balance updates

"Most of these improvements will have a deep impact in how Uncharted 4 multiplayer plays and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback," Cogburn said. "We will continue to make updates to deliver the best Uncharted multiplayer experience possible."

Additionally, players who bought the Uncharted 4 Triple Pack (which also comes with the game's single-player DLC down the road) are getting these new items today:

  • P90 Long Gun
  • Gifting Booster
  • Pirate Drake Skin
  • Pirate Commodore Hat
  • The Rubber Leg Taunt

Cogburn also announced that Naughty Dog will soon offer an "Explorer's Pack" that comes with the single-player DLC and 3,200 Uncharted points. Pricing has not been announced, but this pack should be available in the "coming weeks," Cogburn said.

On the subject of Uncharted 4's single-player DLC, Naughty Dog recently told fans to get comfortable, as the developer does not plan to talk about it anytime soon.

Back in September 2015, Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer said about Uncharted 4's single-player DLC was inspired by The Last of Us expansion Left Behind. "It worked really well for us for The Last of Us," he said. "We thought we could put together a really great piece of content as well [for Uncharted 4]."

Two months later, in November 2015, Naughty Dog stressed that it was early days for Uncharted 4's single-player add-on. The developer said it had "no idea" what it was going to do for the expansion.

Left Behind was Naughty Dog's first-ever single-player expansion. Things went well, as it was praised by critics across the board, and even earned the Game of the Month award from GameSpot for February 2014.

Today's Uncharted 4 multiplayer expansion is just the first that players can expect in the coming months. In case you missed it, here's the roadmap for what's coming in the future:

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