UMD, DVD <i>Doom</i>-ed on February 9

Critically lambasted movie adaptation of id's seminal shooter will hit home video next year.


After months of hype, the movie adaptation of Doom finally premiered in theaters on October 23. After earning just $15.5 million its first weekend, the film suffered one of the worst box-office declines ever recorded. Thanks in part to excoriating reviews, the sci-fi actioner lost over half its viewing audience in its second week, grossing an anemic $7.5 million. With a reported budget of over $70 million, it ended its theatrical run with under $30 million in ticket sales, far below expectations.

Eager to lessen its losses, Doom's distributor, Universal Studios, has announced that the film is coming to home video on February 7, 2006. The distributor is actively going after the gamer demographic, releasing the film on both DVD and UMD, the PlayStation Portable's proprietary media format. Both versions of the film will cost $29.98.

Though information about the extras on the UMD was scarce, the Doom DVD--available in anamorphic widescreen and full-frame versions--will be unrated and will come with a plethora of extras. Those will include an "unrated first-person shooter sequence," as well as three featurettes: Game On!, Doom Nation, and Basic Training.

Directed by Andrezj Bartowiak (Cradle 2 tha Grave, Romeo Must Die), Doom stars former pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and New Zealander Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings, Bourne Supremacy). Like the games, it follows a group of space marines investigating an experiment gone awry at a top-secret laboratory on Mars.

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