Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Video Update - Stage Three Is Gross

Capcom artist Nagashima-san is back with design commentary and a new video on the disgusting third world of the upcoming platformer.


If you've been following our coverage of Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins for the PlayStation Portable, you'll remember our previous video highlights of the game's first and second worlds. Those videos were accompanied by text commentary from Capcom artist Akiko Nagashima--a 15-year veteran of the company--who returns this week to discuss the blood-and-guts feel of level three.

One of the biggest differences between the previous installments in the series and this latest sequel is that Arthur and all the enemies and backgrounds are in 3D. Visually, we aimed for more of a solid look, with 3D polygons and some changing camera angles. In the end, I think we have achieved a nice balance of that solid 3D look with the depth of 2D side-scrolling gameplay. We've stayed true to the soul of the original games, maintaining areas that make the game so nostalgic while adding plenty of new graphical touches and upgrades to make it enjoyable just to watch.

Plus, now you can respawn right where you died to keep the momentum going as you make your way through the stages. And don't forget the white boxers with the strawberry pattern. Yeah, baby!

Eww. Gross.
Eww. Gross.

So, now we have the third stage from the middle of the game. During some of our meetings regarding the background art, Fujiwara-san would say things like, "For stage three, I imagine the inside of filthy and rotten internal organs, with mud oozing from all around." To that I'd say, "Yes, sir. No problem." This time around, the home of the nasty creatures is at its maximum nastiness. Trying to design this stage was a bit difficult and a little nauseating. To help bring Fujiwara-san's vision to life, I had actual pictures of intestinal polyps and color photos of tumors used at medical schools pasted all around my computer monitor. Until I was finished working on that stage, I literally couldn't take a step inside a BBQ restaurant without feeling queasy.

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