Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins Video Update - Stage Four Melts Faces

Nagashima-san returns for our fourth video highlight from Arthur's latest side-scrolling quest.


Over the past few weeks, we've posted several video updates on Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins for the PlayStation Portable, showing off video highlights of the game's first three rigorous worlds. Those videos were accompanied by text commentary from Capcom artist Akiko Nagashima--a 15-year veteran of the company--who returns this week to discuss the fiery level four.

At long last, we reach the second half of the game. This time we have stage four, which contains a red-hot inferno of lava and volcanoes. Practically from the start, you're visited by the giant bird creature called garriban. Don't worry, it's not a boss. It just looks like one, and it's strong! What's more, you have to deal with these as you make your way through the gushing lava and volcanoes. Just when you think you're safe, the rocks below start to crumble out from under you. And if that isn't enough, down swoops another garriban for the kill. You'll be screaming for mommy in no time. Just remember, the garribans are fodder enemies, not bosses. However, just when you think you've put those pesky giant birds behind you, the screen scrolls, fire bursts from the wall, and rocks crumble from the ceiling and block your path.

Big enemies and cool scrolling elements make this stage especially challenging. It's split into multiple areas, but throughout it you'll see erupting volcanoes; loud, gurgling lava; and big, heavy clouds floating by. If you're not careful, the lush colors and rich animations will hypnotize you and make it even harder to get through the stage!

Your favorite demon is back to make your life hell again.
Your favorite demon is back to make your life hell again.

But when you get to the highest level, you'll encounter red arimer dark! Yes, I know what you're thinking...why'd we have to go and throw "dark" into the equation when the regular red arimer is already plenty tough? Well, red arimer is a character who is trying to take Arthur's lead as the main character. So who knows, maybe there are more fans of red arimer than of Arthur himself!? Anyway, stage four is a great one with lots of challenges, so keep on pushing through so you can witness the splendor we have created (not to mention the tough-as-nails baddies)!

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