UK Chart: GTAV becomes fastest selling game ever in UK

GTA V takes number one spot with 89 percent of sales for the week, while PES 2014 makes its debut at two.


Rockstar's critically acclaimed GTAV has stormed to the top of UK chart this week, becoming the fastest-selling game of all time in the region.

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GTAV also becomes the overall 24th biggest selling title of all time in the UK, selling more in its launch week than all other GTA titles combined, and besting previous launch week record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops by almost a quarter of a million units.

On the individual platforms the game is even bigger, becoming the 11th biggest on Xbox 360 and 10th biggest on PlayStation 3 after just five days on sale. The split of sales between platforms is fairly even, with 57 percent on Xbox 360 and 43 percent on PS3.

Despite accounting for almost 89 percent of sales for the week, GTAV wasn't the only new entry to the chart. Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 made its debut at two, while Aliens: Colonial Marines re-entered the chart at eight thanks to retail discounting and promotion.

Elsewhere, The Last Of Us jumped up to three from 27, Saints Row IV dropped from one to four, and Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning makes its chart debut at 22.

The Top 10 UK chart for the week ending September 21:

1. Grand Theft Auto V
2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
3. The Last Of Us
4. Saints Row IV
5. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist
6. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
7. Diablo III
8. Disney Infinity
9. Aliens: Colonial Marines
10. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

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Avatar image for M4t087

Don't worry people, gamespot gave probably the best game of the decade only 8/10 :D Iam talking about the last of us of giving GTA V a 9/10 is no biggie really :)

Avatar image for Zombie8814

@Chris John

I didn't know that GTA5 was coming to the next-gen consoles. I would have waited if I had known. The framerate on GTA5 was pretty poor on my PS3. It was a lot like Far Cry 3. I really hate bad framerate. It actually gives me a headache. I'd rather sacrifice textures for better framerate.

Avatar image for Supabul

I wish it was on PC

Avatar image for tom2750

@AggrandizedUser @tom2750 nope I am not thinking about books and movies I am thinking about any type of entertainment that can have a great storyline then a great storyline is automatically more important then any other single aspect a great storyline is far more important then anything else unless you're a mindless idiot that just loves mindless violence doing stupid shit blowing things up shooting people and shit and clearly you don't know what atmosphere means you are thinking of the environment atmosphere basically means the vibe of the game and the last of us had an amazing vibe it did perfectly at giving a real survival horror feel to it which is what it was supposed to do and yes at the end you do have a lot of supplies but most of the game you are not going overboard on using them because you know you may need them in a life and very bad situation and a game does not need to be innovative to be great nearly all games these days are not innovative that doesn't change the fact that they are just as good if not better then games from years ago that were innovative

Avatar image for Croy666

Aliens: Colonial Marines is in the top ten.. what the hell?!

Avatar image for danabo

GTAV becomes glitchiest game of all time! Bethesda are angry! UK gamers wait for FIFA to release before getting a full refund!

Avatar image for welterdude

@danabo Every time I turn on Skyrim I encounter at least one glitch, can't say the same for GTA V.

If you are playing on 360, I would recommend installing both disks.

Avatar image for Mercgamer74

@danabo That is weird because I haven't experienced any glitches at all.

Avatar image for danabo

@Mercgamer74 @danabo Great for you -

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

bored of gta v already, cba to do the missions or anything lol

Avatar image for nomadski69

Somebody at Konami needs a spanking for releasing PES in the same week as GTA lol.

Avatar image for benleslie5

Nice to see Kingdom Hearts being in the top 10 charts for the second week

Avatar image for beerculesGTA

wtf pro evolution 2nd?

Avatar image for Wizallah

Good for RS and GTA!

GTA5 + LoUS + TR= Best games of the year hands down.

**** bandwagons!

Avatar image for Zombie8814

@Wizallah Tomb Raider was incredible. Can't remember the last time I had so much fun playing a game. It's like Uncharted except with good shooting mechanics. Definitely the best game of the year in my opinion. The Last of Us a close second.

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

@Wizallah Who do you think will be the game of the year among the 3? TR is really a great reboot. GTAV is more heck and havok. TLOU is really good.

Also don't forget Bioshock Infinite, and the next ones to be released by the last quarter this year..

Avatar image for Casuallad

Last of us still going strong and well done pro evo! :)

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

So up yours Call of Duty!!! :-P

Well done to The Last of Us for making such a comeback.

And are they still making Pro Evos? Haven't heard much about the series lately.

Avatar image for LJNkickstarter

Congratulations!!! Rockstar with this huge ass sale of GTAV no doubt GTAVI will be more epic. Just please dont make GTA series Pay to win kind of games because that is just dumb.

Avatar image for curiousarman

I'm sure it's not finished yet...

Avatar image for IRUNSTREETS

How can people still buy Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Avatar image for f1elds

@IRUNSTREETS Answer: it's there money.

Avatar image for tightwad34

I assumed this anyway seeing how it's the fastest selling entertainment property in history. And what in the hell is up with people who haven't even played it giving it a 0 mainly because they can't play it(PC crowd). That's just plain wrong. It's like going into a jealous rage because the girl you want is fucking someone else(well, not quite but you get my point I hope).

Avatar image for IAMTYLERDURDEN

@tightwad34 I doubt it's all pc crowd. I find a lot of console people hating on this game for whatever reason as well. Saying it sucks and it's boring and it's the same as GTA4.

Avatar image for tightwad34

@IAMTYLERDURDEN Yeah, I know it's not all PC crowd. What my main point was that it's completely wrong to review a game and especially give it a 0 when you didn't ever play it.

Avatar image for tightwad34

@Martin Evans I always thought hearing songs you never heard was a good thing. I will never understand why radio stations in real life continue to play the same exact songs for the last 30-40 years.

Avatar image for lilrobda1

Since everyone is mentioning GTA down below, I'll do the honor of mentioning TLoU.

#3 WOOOOOO. Cant stop! Wont stop!

Avatar image for LJNkickstarter

@lilrobda1 I sure did enjoy your enthusiasm! =)

Avatar image for atreidex

A stupid video, defending a poor review. The 9/10 is well deserved though, the graphics on Xbox suck big time. GTA4 on PC was way better looking than this crap. I'll buy and play it once more when it comes out on PC, i bet the graphics will be 10x better than this blurry shit.

Otherwise, i agree that the GTA was always kind of misogynistic... so i don't get your point at all. This is the game, it reflects a huge part of today's society: stupid fascism, terrorism made up to fuel more wars, big time pharma & the military-industrial complex, discrimination, racial segregation and so on...

Avatar image for tom2750

@atreidex yep terrorism is definitely made up the tens of thousands of innocent people that are killed every year by terrorism all over Africa and the middle east didn't actually die its all just a hoax lol smh

Avatar image for atreidex

@tom2750 You know only too well the kind of terrorism i was referring to. We had terrorism since the beginning of time, but in the dawn of the New World Order a new kind of war against terror was born to justify the crazy foreign policy of a certain country ;)

Avatar image for 96augment

@Paul Brown Multiplayer hasn't even come out yet. So, I know you're full of shit.

Avatar image for deactivated-5cf9b97def93e

@96augment Yeah, Paul is full of shit! The multiplayer gets released Oct 1st.

Avatar image for 96augment

@Ninjalawpsn Maybe he's confused. Maybe he meant GTA IV.

Avatar image for Englandfc1966

@Derek Garrison Master race? What is this the 1930's?

Avatar image for MooncalfReviews

Although GTAV is a fantastic game and masterfully crafted, it's only really selling so well because it's been SO LONG since we had a multi-platform game that just about everyone was excited for. We've had 2 years of great games, but no excellent games.

Avatar image for willjohnboy

Like i said in an earlier comment i'm not surprised the Xbox 360 Version Sold more the UK it is a Xbox 360 country, also it will sell more on Xbox 360 because the game is designed for a western audience (mainly america and uk ) it's not fair i know but its the truth, besides the Xbox 360 Needed a Brilliant Game like GTA V lord knows it's not had many good games to speak of this year (it's just so funny that despite a brilliant game being on the Xbox 360 it's not exclusive) and the PS3 for the past 4-5 years has been killing it in terms of exclusives (the last of us) and the vast improvement of multiplatform games, they are no longer terrible thanks to most developers actually making an effort (with the exception of Bethesda) and not porting the Xbox 360 version over and in some cases being better on PS3 Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City the Assassins creed series, Far cry 3, Final Fantasy 13 series(that one is a bad example lol) and any fighter eg street fighter 4, Marvel vs capcom etc

Avatar image for Pre_ordered_PS4

GTA V is a really bad video game

Said no on ever

Avatar image for deactivated-5cf9b97def93e

@Pre_ordered_PS4 No, no.... It's been said... mostly by parents.

Avatar image for adro191

@Pre_ordered_PS4 No one*

Avatar image for grbolivar

Is this game REALLY that GOOD? or is just hype??? o_O

Avatar image for DuTCHy-Allen

@grbolivar the question is is it good for you, once you start playing start sleeping only 3 hours per night :)

Avatar image for adro191

@grbolivar any game is good if you play it over 40 hours and still enjoy it, more or less money worth spent "on entertainment"

Avatar image for Revival125

Aliens Colonial Marines has made the list thanks to a sneaky discount tactic. The game had a deal in the store GAME, that if you bought any game you could buy Aliens Colonial marines for £5.

Its a sham basically.

Avatar image for TheGrudge13

how the hell is Aliens: Colonial Marines in the list ????

Avatar image for mcquack306

@TheGrudge13 It explains in the article. Retailers had it drastically discounted.

Avatar image for Yamakoichi

@TheGrudge13 people were stupid and assumed gearbox could make a good game, after duke nukem and borderlands you thought we would of learned.

Avatar image for chuckles471

@Yamakoichi @TheGrudge13 Nothing to do with Gearbox, most people don't care about publishers and developers.

Alien the franchise is one of the most popular in the world.

Avatar image for Master_cheat001

@Yamakoichi @TheGrudge13 Borderland (1 &2) should not have been in this comment dude. It is a good game.

Avatar image for roman4545

@Yamakoichi majority of people doesn't even know its Gearbox ! But instead most people know Aliens... so they assumed to be good...