Two new DS Pokemon games coming

Nintendo announces two more games in the series will be released this April.


For those who gotta catch 'em all, there are now two more games in the Pok�mon series on the way: Pok�mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, and Pok�mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness.

The two games will be released exclusively for the Nintendo DS on April 20 in the US, and will--as in the previous two Mystery Dungeon games--let gamers actually play as a Pok�mon creature.

To decide which Pok�mon they want to be, players will take a test to see which of the 16 playable characters suits their personality best, and then set off to explore a land untouched by humans on "an epic journey through time and darkness."

Over 490 different Pok�mon species populate the world, and they will chat to and team up with the player as they battle through a series of randomly generated dungeons.

The games will also both have a wireless mode, in which gamers can play "rescue operations" with their friends, as well as send alert messages to their friends via the delivery of text messages to their mobiles.

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