Twitter Announces New Paid Super Follows Feature

It's like Patreon or Substack, but for your favorite Twitter personality.


Twitter has announced two new features coming to the platform sometime in the future that gives users more ways to earn income as well as a space to connect with like-minded people.

Super Follows is a paid feature that lets Twitter users charge their followers for access to additonal content. While it's unclear what price users can set, a mockup Twitter used showed someone charging $4.99 for extra perks like bonus tweets, community group invitations, newsletter subscriptions, and a badge of support. It's like Patreon, Twitch, or Substack in that it's a direct payment tool for users to financially support their favorite Twitter personalities.

A mockup of what Twitter's new Super Follows feature might look like.
A mockup of what Twitter's new Super Follows feature might look like.

In addition to Super Follows, Twitter also unveiled Communities, the bird app's rendition of Facebook Groups. Much like groups on Facebook, Twitter users will soon be able to join communities that are focused around one specific topic. Once in a community, users will see tweets geared toward that topic rather than the gluttony of tweets that flood the timeline.

While both features are prominent for Twitter, as they're some of the biggest changes coming to the platform, it's Super Follows that's catching quite a bit of attention online. Maybe people are poking fun at the feature with memes, even going as far as saying they will block anyone that becomes a super follower. Other users are pointing out that it is "free to not tweet." Still, the one feature repeatedly mentioned that Twitter seems to ignore: an edit button.

There's no confirmation on when either feature will become available.

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