Twin Peaks to Begin Production in September

New details emerge about the third season of the iconic TV show.


The third season of Twin Peaks will begin shooting in September, it has been confirmed. Although the revival of the groundbreaking early '90s show, to be broadcast on Showtime, was announced by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost in October 2014, the road to production has not been entirely smooth. However, Showtime president David Nevins has revealed new details about the status of the project.

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While speaking a Television Critics Association news media event in Los Angeles, Nevins explained that Lynch would be directing the entire season from a single script, written by him and Frost. Athough it is unclear how many episodes this will comprise, it does explain the apparent budget conflict with Showtime that caused Lynch to publicly withdraw from the project back in April.

"I never had any doubts we were going to get him back. This was a huge priority project to me," said Nevins. "It became clear that it was going to take more than nine episodes, which was the originally planned for and budgeted length of the series. I really wanted to get David to direct the whole thing, and he wanted to direct the whole thing. We had to work out the details."

Nevins said that he was still hoping for a 2016 broadcast date, but admitted that this was far from definite. "I’m hoping we make 2016. It’s not clear. They’re going to shoot the whole thing and then they’ll start posting. But I’m hoping sooner rather than later." In July, Frost suggested that the show wouldn't premiere until 2017.

Nevins went on to explain that Lynch had absolute creative control over the project. As for which cast members would be returning to the show, he remained tight-lipped, but did say: "we’re expecting the familiar faces that fans are waiting for."

Twin Peaks originally ran for two seasons between 1990 and 1991, with the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me following in 1992.

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