Tron 2.0 release date

Monolith reveals that its first-person action game inspired by the Disney sci-fi movie will be out in August.


Tron 2.0

Monolith Productions, the studio that developed No One Lives Forever and Aliens vs. Predator 2, has announced that Tron 2.0 is scheduled to be released on August 26. The game takes place a generation after the events in the 1983 Disney movie and has players assume the role of Jet Bradley, who is the son of the movie's programmer protagonist, Alan Bradley. The game's story-based campaign will take players to locations such as the Internet Hub, Firewall, and the light cycle Game Grid.

"Twenty years ago Tron was ahead of its time for both its use of special effects and its concept of technology," said Bob Picunko, director of marketing for Tron 2.0. "Today, we find ourselves in the unique position of creating a computer game that is based on a film about a game. Advanced technology is finally available for us to realize the original vision for the movie in the upcoming Tron 2.0."

There's an array of digital weapons, shields, and gadget subroutines in the game that players will use to challenge adversaries in the digitized world of Tron. The game's developers have made an effort to duplicate the look of the original film and its unusual effects.

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