Tribes 2 update coming this summer

GarageGames agrees to develop an update for Sierra's team-based shooter.


Game technology developer GarageGames has agreed to develop an update for Tribes 2, Sierra's team-based action game, for release this summer. The update will add a more powerful editing tool to the game, fix some technical issues, and possibly increase the frame rate and make other adjustments. GarageGames is the developer of the Torque game engine, which is based on the Tribes 2 engine.

"We're extremely excited to be working with GarageGames on this project," said Alex Rodberg, brand manager for Tribes at Sierra. "These people not only know the Tribes 2 code in and out, but they understand the history and gameplay of Tribes. I can't think of anyone in the whole world more qualified to do this."

GarageGames plans to conduct a beta test of the update soon. For more information, visit the official GarageGames Web site and take a look at our full review of Tribes 2.

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