Toys R Us Liquidation Sales Imminent

It's the biggest fire sale there is.


Toys R Us is preparing to close all US stores, and as a result, a massive liquidation sale is imminent across its 800 retail locations. CNN reports that the company had planned to begin sales this morning, but those plans have been pushed back to tomorrow, March 23.

Once the sales begin, shoppers will have to move quickly and manage expectations. Stores have reportedly not received new stock in weeks, so a lot of the more popular items may already be gone or will go quickly once the sales begin. Shelves may be emptied as quickly as a month.

Toys R Us has announced it will honor gift cards until April 20. It will also accept purchases made before the liquidation for 30 days, but after it starts, all sales will be final. Toys R Us in the UK is also planned to shut down, while its locations in Asia will continue to operate.

And while it may be thrilling to get a low, low price on those bikes, trains, and video games, you can expect the mood to be somber. 31,000 employees will be laid off by the time the retail chain closes up operations.

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