Toy Fair 2019: Become A Star Wars Jedi Master With Hasbro's Lightsaber Academy

Use the force... or the app.


The annual toy convention, Toy Fair, is well underway at the Javits Center in New York City. Many of the reveals from the show have been action figures, but there are other interesting products tied into your favorite franchises. Hasbro has announced Star Wars Lightsaber Academy, which allows you to train to become a master of the light sword.

Available this fall, the Lightsaber Academy toys allow the user to interact with an app to learn official Star Wars moves and train with Jedi or Sith masters. Additionally, you can battle with your friends to prove who is the real Jedi master.

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Pictured above is the top tier of the Lightsaber Academy toys, priced at $50. This lightsaber interacts with the app via Bluetooth and tracks your movement--and is the only one in the line that does so. In turn, you will be evaluated and scored based on your performance. The lightsaber features lights, sounds, app connectivity, and character voices from the movies.

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On the lower-pricing tier are the Level 1 assortment lightsabers--pictured above. Priced at $8 each, the toys come with a code that accesses content in the Lightsaber Academy app. However, they do not have the motion tracking the $50 set has.

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Finally, there are the Level 2 Lightsabers, and you can choose between Luke Skywalker's or Darth Vader's weapon. Priced at $20, these lightsabers light up and make sounds, and there is a button you can press to hear the characters speak. Additionally, it comes with codes to unlock content in the app. While you can still learn all the moves from the movie, it does not have the same interactivity as the $50 one.

All of the Lightsaber Academy toys will be available this fall.

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