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Tower Of Fantasy's First Expansion Will Add A Cyberpunk City This Fall

The free-to-play gacha MMORPG has seen more than 10 million downloads since its global debut.


Tower of Fantasy may have just arrived in the West, but developer Hotta Studio has announced at Gamescom that the first major expansion for the free-to-play gacha MMORPG will be released this fall at no cost to players.

The free update will introduce the new Vera region, which is part open desert and part floating cyberpunk city, into the sci-fi setting of Tower of Fantasy. The cyberpunk city in question is called Mirroria, and it's where the majority of the residents of Vera live, with much of the desert areas made uninhabitable due to the failure of the region's Tower of Fantasy.

With the new region will come new instances, raids, and world bosses for players to tackle, as well as new exploration rewards. No specific release date for the Vera expansion has been announced.

Hotta Studio also announced a new playable character (or simulacrum, as Tower of Fantasy calls them) will be making her way into the game on September 1: the Angel of Clemency Frigg. Players working their way through Tower of Fantasy's story will have already encountered this blade-wielding commander of the Heirs of Aida, as Frigg is a recurring boss encounter and serves as one of the main antagonists of the story up to this point. Her body is heavily modified with living metal so that she can survive on the surface without the need of a suppressor.

First released in China in 2021, Tower of Fantasy released globally on August 10, and since then has seen more than 10 million downloads. The game's global launch saw login errors and long server queues, but these issues were quickly addressed, with Hotta Studio giving out some freebies as compensation for the inconvenience. Currently available on iOS, Android, and PC via a download from the official Tower of Fantasy website, the MMO will be coming to both Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year.

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