Torchlight Infinite Open Beta Is Coming In October

The mobile entry in the ARPG franchise will be cross-play between iOS, Android, and PC.


Torchlight Infinite will enter open beta in October, developer XD Inc. has announced, with players on iOS able to pre-register now.

News about the open beta for the free-to-play, mobile ARPG, as well as the reveal of a new playable hero and cinematic trailer, came as part of the TapTap Presents conference over the weekend.

The recently revealed new hero is Oracle Thea, described as a goddess possessing magical powers and a powerful connection to the moon. Thea will be one of six playable characters available when Torchlight Infinite launches in open beta.

When it comes to customizing each hero, players will find a huge range of possibilities. There are more than 230 skills to choose from, as well as three different traits for each hero and a talent system. That's on top of the gear players will be finding and equipping.

XD makes clear that obtaining better loot in Torchlight: Infinite will come from playing the game, which won't feature stamina systems or daily quests. Players will be able to trade gear on an in-game marketplace, and XD is planning to support Torchlight: Infinite with new seasonal content and heroes on a regular basis.

Torchlight Infinite features a new story set in the Torchlight universe 200 years after the events of Torchlight II, where a team of heroes looks to prevent an invasion by an evil force known as the Aemberons. It is currently in closed beta. Torchlight Infinite will be the latest entry in the franchise following the release of Torchlight III in 2020. That game was originally announced as an MMORPG entry in the franchise called Torchlight Frontiers, before being later retooled into Torchlight III.

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