Torchlight II delayed for polish after beta

Sequel to ex-Diablo devs loot-em-up has no set date after push from 2011 release, preorders still available.


Dungeon delvers who found their loot lust unquenched by Diablo III still have an indefinite wait ahead for Torchlight II. Runic Games, a studio formed by several ex-Diablo developers, said the online-enabled sequel to the critically and commercially successful hack-and-slash game is in a period of polish after a closed beta.

Your quest begins… Later. Come back later.
Your quest begins… Later. Come back later.

While the game's content is there from beginning to end, said an official forum post from Runic head Travis Baldree, many changes have been made in response to beta impressions and many more are still in store. "[We're not] all twiddling our thumbs behind our desks," he said. "Nor are we feverishly polishing the doorknobs while the house is yet to be built."

Baldree specifically avoided giving any date for release or specific time remaining for development. The game was originally targeted for a 2011 release but since its delay has remained in a state of "when it's done." Preorders for the game have been available since April 26.

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