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Top 21 Japanese games all Nintendo

Mario Factory proves completely dominant on the latest sales charts from Media Create.


As it does every week, game-industry research firm Media Create released its chart of the most popular games in Japan. Ever since the release of the DS, a large percentage of top-20 games have been for Nintendo's handheld, thanks to the brain-training game craze in the island nation.

But ever since the Wii was released last year, Nintendo's presence on Media Create's weekly chart has risen steadily. This week, the Mario Factory achieved total dominance, occupying the top 21 slots on the chart. Four of those were Wii titles--Super Paper Mario (2nd), Wii Sports (3rd), Wii Play (5th), and Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (7th). The rest, including top title Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, were all for the DS.

1) Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS)
2) Super Paper Mario (WII)
3) Wii Sports (WII)
4) Yoshi's Island DS (DS)
5) Wii Play (WII)
6) Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (DS)
7) Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (WII)
8) New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
9) Momotarou Dentetsu DS (DS)
10) Kahashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu: Motto Nou o Kitaeru Otona DS Training (DS)
11) Gyakuten Saiban 4 (DS)
12) Mario Kart DS (DS)
13) Eigo ga Nigate na Otona no DS Training: Motto Eigo (DS) Duke
14) Planet Puzzle League (DS)
15) Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (DS)
16) Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
17) Layton Kyouju no Fushigi na Machi (DS)
18) Otona no Joushikiryoku Training DS (DS)
19) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS)
20) English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills (DS)
21) Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan DS (DS)

The top-rated non-Nintendo game was Monster Hunter Freedom 2 for the PSP, which tracked its prey down in the 22nd slot.

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