Too Much Funk for GT

GT Interactive decides not to give the go-ahead to another installment of ToeJam & Earl.


If you've followed the funky duo of ToeJam & Earl since their debut on the Genesis, it's likely you've been wondering why it's been so long since we've seen them again. The two used to be one of Sega's second-tier mascots, alongside Sonic, but they were largely forgotten since their second game was released on that system. But the supreme funklords of all that is funky had a hope of returning last year, as GT Interactive showed interest in bringing the series back for a third installment - aided by Mark Voorsanger and Greg Johnson (the real-life TJ&E).

But the plan has suffered a setback. GT Interactive has decided to pass on picking up a third game, as the company feels that the second installment did not sell briskly enough to warrant distribution in Europe. The company's recent restructuring is also likely to be a factor. If you want to express your displeasure with this decision, you can e-mail GT Interactive at

ToeJam & Earl Productions is still moving forward, however. It is looking for publishers who might be interested in the game. Show your support and visit their web site!

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