Too Human for the PlayStation

Legacy of Kain maker announces its first fully 3D role-playing game: Too Human.


Today GameSpot News has uncovered what the developers at Silicon Knights, maker of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, have been up to since the release of the cult classic. In addition to Eternal Darkness, its Nintendo 64 Resident Evil-esque game that we reported on last week, the developer has a new PlayStation role-playing game in the works.

Titled Too Human, this new RPG will be completely 3D based. Sure to please most PlayStation owners, the game will be completely void of load times. No publisher has been announced for Too Human, but one will likely be announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. According to people who have seen the game (which has been in development since Kain), Too Human is one of the most spectacular PlayStation games yet.

We'll have plenty more on Too Human in the coming weeks, including screenshots and game details.

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