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Tom Hiddleston Reveals Which Marvel Characters He Wants Loki To Meet

If Loki returns to the MCU, Tom Hiddleston already has some Marvel heroes in mind to share the screen.


Loki Season 2 may have been the end of the road for Marvel's fan-favorite trickster god, but Tom Hiddleston is still willing to reprise his iconic comic book role. Via Variety, Hiddleston attended the launch party of Hulu on Disney+, where he reiterated his desire to keep playing Loki. Hiddleston also revealed which Marvel characters that he wants to share the screen with.

"The X-Men are back in there, right? Wolverine’s in them," said Hiddleston. "My friend Charlie Cox plays Daredevil…I love Charlie to bits."

Hiddleston and Cox previously co-starred in the Broadway play Betrayal. And on Halloween in 2019, the pair appeared outside of Betrayal's theater to meet fans with Cox in costume as Loki and Hiddleston wearing Daredevil's signature outfit.

Hiddleston also echoed his recent comments about his satisfaction with the ending of Loki Season 2, even if it means his time in the MCU is over.

“I truly don’t know,” said Hiddleston. “There had been times before when I truly thought it was the end and I’ve been mistaken. But if this is the end, I’m so proud of where we ended up.”

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