ToeJam & Earl Go PlayStation 2

The next installment of the wacky alien duo is headed to Sony's next PlayStation.


ToeJam & Earl Productions have announced that the next installment in the ToeJam & Earl series (part III) will land on the PlayStation 2. On the company's web site, Mark Voorsanger and Greg Johnson, the principle partners behind TJ&E, stated that, "Right now, it looks like the PlayStation 2 is the most likely first version. But there will be more...

The designer crew also commented on what the third installment will play like. "Although Panic on Funkotron was loved and admired by many. Many more thought ToeJam & Earl (the original) was the better of the two games. This was our feeling too... In fact, we almost made the second game very much like the first, but ultimately ended up giving in to internal marketing pressures at Sega. Certainly, TJ&E I was the one we played the most (and continue to play from time to time.) Sooooo... TJ&E III will be much more like (in many ways, exactly like... in other ways, way better than) the original game. We hope this doesn't bum too many people out."

The designer duo also commented that eventually they'd love to put together a multiplayer PC version that could be played over a network. So far no release dates have been announced for ToeJam & Earl III, but one could assume that it could be in the works for a fall 2000 release, along with the PlayStation 2 system.

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