Today's Wordle Answer (#534) - December 5, 2022

Monday doesn't go on easy Wordle players this time around.


It's Monday and that can only mean one thing: We're back for another week of Wordle guides. After a long weekend, it's time to get back into the swing of things, and we're here to make sure you do that by getting the Wordle correct. Today's answer doesn't do players any favors, as it's definitely not a word that many users will think of quickly. If you haven't started the December 5 Wordle just yet, then you can check out our list of recommended starting words. However, if you're already past the starting point and visiting this article, then you might be in need of some help.

That's where we can come in. Below, players will find two tips for today's Wordle. We've also spelled out the full answer for players who might not find the hints helpful enough.

Today's Wordle Answer - December 5, 2022

We'll begin with a couple of hints that directly relate to the answer, but won't give it away.

  • Hint 1: This word can be defined as someone or something quickly emerging from sleep. This word commonly has an "a" attached to the beginning of it.
  • Hint 2: This word has two vowels, both of which are in the middle of the word. The vowels are not repeating. The word begins with "w."

If those hints weren't enough to get the ball rolling for you, then you can keep reading for the full answer to the December 5 Wordle. The full answer is... "woken." I can probably count the times I've used "woken" on one hand. "Awoken," maybe, but woken isn't a word in my everyday vocabulary. Hopefully, every player was able to guess the answer correctly and continue their streak. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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