Today's Wordle Answer (#375) - June 29, 2022

Keep your Wordle streak alive by using our hints to get through today's awkward answer.


Hello there everyone and welcome to yet another mid-week Wordle. Today is June 29 and our word today is an awkward one. Everything about most of today’s answer came together for me purely out of chance, but I’m here now to make sure that isn’t the case for you all.

Have you tried today’s Wordle? The answer's a very uncomfortable one to me at least, because most of its structure is a little irregular. The surest advice I can give you is that when you're plugging in your guesses, be sure to prioritize some of the letters you normally wouldn't. Make sure you're covering your vowels still (those are always important), but as far as consonants go, show the outliers some love this go around. IN case you're still searching for words that accomplish that, check out our list of the best starting words to use in Wordle. I guarantee you'll find a word or two that'll put you on the right track.

Today's Wordle Answer - June 29, 2022

As always, the answer you're seeking is at the very bottom, but while you and I are here, I've got a handful of hints that you can take advantage of to potentially get today's word on your own! Today's word isn't naturally suited to games, so no game-related hints today.

  • Hint 1: In literature, many teenagers are described using this term. It's a word almost synonymous with adolescent awkwardness
  • Hint 2: The root of today's word is another, funnier way to say stare.

Have you gotten today's Wordle yet? It's alright if you haven't, it's a smidge hard today! Today's Wordle is…gawky. Bet that wasn't the word you were expecting, huh? Thank goodness that so many of us have hopefully gotten over our gawky teenage phases because I couldn't stand another second of it. And please, if you can help it, be kind and don't gawk at other people. That's all I've got for you today but be sure to check back tomorrow for more Wordle hints!

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